System functions

Work in the field with the mobile application

The mobile application developed for devices with Android operating system allows to completely eliminate paper sampling protocols and equip the samplers with a modern tool to record field data. The application allows to manage daily sampling plan, to register samples, to record field parameters and measurements, to manage working time, to generate sampling protocol in PDF format. The application works in offline mode with data synchronization which ensures the availability of functions even in the absence of mobile network coverage. Data is automatically synchronized to the central server after network connection is established.

In the lab, work with a research lab management application

The application allows to computerize management and research processes in laboratories. The main functions include:

  • configure any range of laboratory services,
  • division of the organisation into departments and laboratories
  • customer service (inquiries, offers, orders, complaints, subcontracting of studies)
  • creating a sampling schedule for employees
  • recording of samples and electronic flow of information from sampling to report
  • recording of results and electronic test cards (possibility of complete abandonment of paper records)
  • generation and electronic circulation of documents (reports, minutes, reports, invoices)
  • automatic numbering of samples, measurements and documents
  • conducting quality control (e.g. Shewhart Cards)
  • keeping of any records
  • generation of statistical reports
  • management of the list of qualified external service providers
  • equipment management
  • warehouse management (register of goods, outgoings, reports of stock levels and outgoings)
  • generating invoices with sales reports
  • electronic sending of documents in PDF format to configured e-mail addresses.
  • support in meeting the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 standard

Provide your customers with access to the Web Client Area

  • Registration and profile management of customers and their employees
  • Access to published sampling protocols
  • Access to authorised and published reports
  • Access to test results in excel spreadsheet format
  • E-commerce module - creating orders for research packages
  • handling electronic payments
  • support for web push notifications configured in the central application
  • access from browsers on computers and laptops or mobile browsers on iOS, Android devices, access as an installed PWA application on mobile devices

Store data on a central server

  • The server can be hosted on the customer's infrastructure
  • For laboratories without their own server room, we offer server maintenance in a data center providing 1 Gbit/s server bandwidth as well as information security and GDPR certificates.
  • All data processed by the central application and the mobile application go to the central database on the server
  • Central services of the system enable integration with any IT system functioning in the organization or with business partners. (e.g. ERP, accounting, production systems)